Launched! NEW EDITION GATE Books for Architecture & Planning

LIMITED TIME OFFER: One T-shirt is free with ‘COMPLETE SET’ book! How to avail this offer? After buying the COMPLETE SET, just email the Design & Size of the T-shirt along with the Instamojo payment ID to [email protected]  Design of T-shirt available: TRAVEL, DESTIJL & PRITZKER.

You can see what’s inside the book before buying. Click on ‘Look inside‘ below!

Alternative Methods: (This option gives you a COD facility. Please note that at Flipkart, some of product descriptions might be missing or not updated but be assured of latest products. )

COMPLETE SET 2018 Rs. 3550 (10 mb)

QUESTION BANK Rs. 1700 (5 mb)

Note: x No Return. x No Exchange. Topics, discussions, numericals etc can be further included or excluded without prior information. For every purchase you make, we will donate few bucks (Rs. 50 for complete set, Rs. 25 for question bank, Rs. 10 for others) to the charity to educate slum children. Only if you buy from Instamojo.

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92 thoughts on “GATE BOOKS

  1. I have ordered complete set with out question bank 3 days ago and haven’t received any confirmation and details.
    Please respond

  2. Hello everyone. I have a complete set of GATE architecture study material by Faculty of architecture which includes:
    1) Past 24 years solved question bank( excluding 2017)
    2) GATE numericals (Past 27 years solved)
    3) History and architecture
    4) Building services construction and management
    5) Urban planning and design
    All these books are a quality study material and in a good condition.
    Plz contact me at [email protected] if anyone o you need the material in less price.

  3. I have ordered Gate Numerical book 2 days ago and haven’t received any confirmation and details.
    Please respond

  4. I ordered a copy of gate Complete set without Question bank on 1st May 2018 and still haven’t received any mail regarding my order shipping or tracking. Please do let me know about it asap.

    1. Ravi, your order would be shipped on 8th May. We will send you the tracking ID after shipment. Thank you for patience.

  5. I ordered a copy of gate numericals 2nd edition on 23rd april 2018 and still haven’t received any mail regarding my order shipping or tracking. Please do let me know about it asap.
    Thank you

    1. Amukta, your order has been shipped. Shipping details could not be sent to you. Apology. We will update you the tracking status through email within 24 hrs. Thank you.

    1. Shriram, your order has been shipped today (28th April) and shipping details is sent to you through email. Please check.

        1. Shriram, do not get worried. Please track your order status through the tracking ID sent you through email.

  6. Hello,
    I order GATE COMPLETE SET 2018 yesterday but haven’t received details with regards to the shipment and delivery. Please let me know. M really worried.

  7. Hello, I have ordered complete set w/o Q.B. on 23 Dec and not received any mail regarding delivery status. Kindly reply asap.

  8. Hi,
    I order GATE COMPLETE SET on 20th Dec.. bt have not received the package yet. Plz help and let me know the details. M really worried.

    1. Bhavya, worry not. Your order is packed and ready to be shipped on Dec. 23. Tracking id will be sent to your email id after shipment.

  9. Hi sir, I m Shabari from Salem, Tamil Nadu. I need the Complete Set – Gate Architecture 2018 book. If I order it today, how many days it will take for delivery to my city? Does Gate Numericals available for free with this order? Thanks for your reply.

    1. Shabari, your order will be shipped by next day of your order placement by Speed Post or BlueDart. Speed Post claims to deliver your order in next 3-4 days. Yes, GATE NUMERICALS is free with this order.

    1. Sravya, minimum price would be Rs. 3399 (discount applied) with GATE NUMERICALS as free. COD is available through flipkart & amazon.

  10. Hello!
    I have Gate Numerical book on 19 October’17 ,Thursday.
    I have not yet received shipping details.
    Here’s my payment details
    “Payment id: MOJO7a19000W04500717 ”

    1. Supriya, all orders for GATE NUMERICALS received till 29th Oct will be shipped on 30th Oct. So, your shipping details will be mailed on 30th Oct.

  11. payment id- MOJO7A11000A77485771


    1. Ankit, your order is shipped already. We could not sent tracking id immediately after shipment. Just now we have sent you an email with shipment details. Please check!

  12. How far will this material will be useful for other Competitive exams and one more question is how much does only question bank will help us in cracking GATE, I mean will one get a good rank with only question bank if he/she prepare thoroughly.

    1. Vamsi, the syllabus of GATE AR is crafted such a way that it covers most of competitive exams. And when you prepare for GATE, it also helps you for others. You should score a good rank by even if you prepare only through question bank. This is because when you study Question Bank 24 Years, you get to know trends and patterns. Also essential notes give you better insight.

    1. Varun, we have received order confirmation. Today (Sunday, 17 Sept.), we will ship your order and will send you shipping details by late evening.

      1. plz share your customer care number. It has been more than 48 hours since I hv ordered the book, and no information till yet and too add on there in no COD option. I need that book on an urgent basis. Plz respond.

        1. Aanchal Raina, your order will be shipped on 20 Sept and tracking details thereafter. Please check your email. We appreciate your patience.

        1. Sir i tracked the order , its been 2 days and the books are still in the nodal delivery office Chandigarh , why are they not delivering it .

      2. i already have a 24 year question bank, so what would be the details regarding the book – “complete set without question bank”?

        1. Tejasav, ‘COMPLETE SET WITHOUT QUESTION BANK’ & ‘QUESTION BANK 24 YEARS’ are complementary to each other. Topics discussed in ‘QUESTION BANK’ may not be covered in ‘COMPLETE SET WITHOUT QUESTION BANK’. However, thorough study of ‘QUESTION BANK’ is sufficient for a good rank:)

  13. I have ordered the complete set without question bank yesterday but haven’t received details with regards to the shipment and delivery. Please let me know.

  14. Will the Numerical question bank be included in the Complete Set 2018 by?
    Is the version available on Flipkart the latest?…because it stated the date of publishing as 2016

    1. Shree, Numerical Question Bank is included in the Complete Set 2018. The Complete Set contains 6 books out of which 3 books are for Question Bank of 24 years having all question papers with solution and essential notes. Yes, the version available on Flipkart is latest. Please ignore few descriptions not updated on Flipkart for example page no, edition etc.

    1. Pravee, the ’24 years Question Bank’ contains 700+ colour paged book (3 booklets) having notes & explanation. This same book is a part of the ‘Complete Set’ also.

  15. I have already purchased your question bank from the above Flipkart link..Can I now when will it be delivered? And When will the numerical question bank be available?

  16. I have ordered for gate architecture complete set 2018 and also made an online payment. When will I get the delievery?
    Shweta Gade

    1. Swapna, Your order will be shipped by next day (August 8). You will receive tracking id and details thereafter through email.

      1. i haven’t got any details through email or anything.. i am really worried.. please check and let me know what are the updates regarding my order..

        1. Sapna, your order is ready to be shipped. Could not ship on time. Apology. By next day, it will be shipped. Good Day.

          1. Swapna, your order is shipped. Shipment may take 48-72 hrs to reach you. Please check your mail for details.

  17. please inform me.. whenever these books are available…..i wanna purchase all books ….all materials…..and please call me if you guys r serious gate aspirants…701705****

  18. Hello GATE aspirants. I got this material which costs 3000 and appeared for GATE 2017 and happy to announce that I successfully secured All India Rank 48 in General Category.
    Thanks to this team for a wonderful compilation which helped me get a road map to crack this exam.
    All the best and go for it ..!!!

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