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GATE 2024 AR Q&A

Followings are GATE 2024 AR questions based on memory. It would be populated over time with answer and discussion. You are welcome to write your comments at the end of the page or email us at [email protected], if you have appeared for this exam.

General Aptitude (GA)

Q.1 If –>   denotes increasing order of intensity, then the meaning of the words

[sick  –>  infirm –>    moribund]  is analogous  to [silly –>  …………..  –> daft].

Which one of the given options is appropriate to fill the blank?

A. vain

B. frown

C. fawn

D. vein


Q.2 The sum of the following infinite series is

2 + 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/9 + 1/16 + 1/27 + …

A. 13/4

B. 9/2

C. 11/3

D. 7/2


Q.3 The  15 parts   of the  given  figure  are  to be painted  such  that  no  two  adjacent  parts with  shared  boundaries    (excluding   corners)   have  the  same  color.   The minimum number of colors required is

A. 6

B. 4


D. 3


Q.4 Visualize two identical   right circular  cones such  that  one is inverted   over  the other and they share  a common  circular   base.  If a cutting plane passes through the vertices of   the   assembled   cones, what   shape   does   the   outer   boundary    of   the resulting cross-section make?

A. An ellipse

B. A triangle

C. A rhombus

D. A hexagon


Q.5 Thousands   of years ago, some people began dairy fanning. This coincided   with a number   of mutations   in a particular gene that resulted   in these people developing the ability to digest dairy milk.

Based on the given passage, which of the  following  can be inferred?

A. No human being can digest dairy milk.

B. In human beings, digestion of dairy milk resulted from a mutated gene.

C. All human beings can digest  dairy  milk,

D. Digestion of dairy milk is essential  for human  beings.


Q.6 In an election, the share of valid votes received by the four candidates A, B, C, and D is represented by the pie chart shown. The total number of votes cast in the election were 1,15,000, out of which 5,000 were invalid,

Based on the data provided, the total number of valid votes received  by the candidates B and C is

A. 49,000 B. 45,000 C. 51,750    D. 54,000


Q.7 Person 1  and Person  2  invest  in three  mutual  funds  A,  B and  C. The amounts  they invest  in each of these  mutual  funds  are given  in the table.

  Mutual fund A Mutual fund B Mutual fund C
Person 1 ₹ 10,000 ₹ 20,000 ₹ 20,000
Person 2 ₹ 20,000 ₹ 15,000 ₹ 15,000


At the end of one year, the total  amount  that Person  1   gets is ₹500  more  than Person 2.  The annual rate of return for the mutual funds B and  C is 15%  each.  What is the annual rate of return for the mutual  fund A?

A. 10%    B. 20%    C. 15%    D. 7.5%


Q.8  Three different   views of a dice are shown  in the figure below.

The piece of paper that can be folded to make this dice is


Q.9 Probability of being born either a boy or girl child is 0.5. What is the probability of getting born two girls and a boy?


Q.10 How many 4 digit numbers out of 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 can be formed that are divisible by 3?


Common Section

Q.11 When the price of an item is set below the market price, it is called …………..


Q.12 What is the running length of the ramp with slope 1:12 and elevation height of 0.9 meter, given that 1.5 meter of horizontal running length is provided for every 10 meters of running slope length?


Q.13 What is Urban Cool Island (UCI) and Urban Heat Island (UHI)?


Q.14 Who is the architect of Maitreya Buddha Temple, Ladakh?

Answer: Abha Narain Lambah


Q.15 Bow-type of urban planning as per Mansara Silpsastra is called …………..


Q.16 In transportation planning, Inoscope is used to calculate …………….


Q.17 Which Indian site/s is/are included in UNESCO 2022 list?


Q.18 Nationally determined contribution in United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is attributed to …………….


Q.19 Question on water treatment process: Sedimentation, Flocculation and Coagulation


Q.20 Structural form: castic, anticastic etc.


Q.21 In Ekistics, world city is known as …………….


Q.22 What is Gentrification?


Q.23 Question on Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) 2017.


Q.24 As per Census of India 2011, non-notified slum is attributed to ……………….


Q.25 Is oxidation pond a aerobic pond?


Q.26 Question on human aspect of urban form?


Q.27 What does it mean by Municipal Fiscal Resource Mobilization? Example: Property Tax, Development Charges etc.


Q.28 Question on perspective view.


Q. 29 What is book-value?


Q.30 Question on color theory.


Q.31 Numerical of salvage value.


Q.32 Question on Reynolds number


Q.33 Match type question

Taipai 101, Gherkin, Museum of Newzealand TePop


Q.34 Numerical on run-off coefficient


Q.35 Match type question

STADD, Grasshopper, Radiance, GIMP, OpenStudio


Q.36 Numerical on CPM/PERT


Q.37 Match type question

Gulf of Mannar, Nilgiri, Sundarbans, Nandadevi


Q.38 Match type question

Edge city, Synekism, Urbicide, Urban sprawl


Q.39 Match type question

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Villa d’Estate, Royal Botanical Garden


Q.40 Match type question

Floating floor, Float valve, Metal float, Free float


Q.41 Match type question

NIMBY, Form based code, Tactical urbanism, Suburbanization


Q.42 Structure numerical question

Calculate hogging bending moment


Q.43 Numerical question

Calculate number of toilets required for 1200 audience (400 female, 800 male). More data given.


Q.44 Botanical name

Hibiscus, Plumeria alba etc.


Q.45 Housing numerical question


Q.46 Match type question

Cheonggyecheon, High line, False Creek


Q.47 Matching type question

Water sprinkler system, Panic bar, Refuse area


Q.48 Numerical question


Q.49 Question on planning guideline

Population per primary school, college etc.


Q.50 Architect of Titan Integrity Campus


Q.51 Question on Air conditioning

What is evaporator?


Q.52 Question on arch component


Q. 53 PTFE plastic used in?


Q.54 Rose window


Q.55 Example of Pendentives


Q.56 Match type question

Lighting power density, Sound power, EPI


Q.57 Numerical question

Calculate adsorption of 3500 cum hall.


Q.58 Numerical question

Calculate volume of concrete needed of trench 1.1m width. The trench centre-line length is 41.1m long.


Q.59 Match type question



Q.60 Match type question

Brick form


Q.61 Match type question

Bihar museum


Q.62 Match type question

Temple, Mosque


Q.63 Numerical type question

Calculate strain using Young’s modulus


Q.64 Numerical type question

Calculate time taken for the lift to reach 2nd floor to 80th floor.


Q.65 Match type question