For GATE 2023: GATE QUESTION BANK B&W Economy Series


This comprehensive yet concise QUESTION BANK for GATE in Architecture & Planning is equally good for various exams for job recruitment. Main features:

  • B&W Print To reduce cost. However, it includes 8+ pages of color prints for easy explanation, for example, illustrations of color theory, land-use color code, flowers & plants, etc.
  • Essential Notes For better explanation to the solved questions
  • Exhaustive Contents Solved Question Paper since GATE 1991 to latest GATE
  • QR Code Embedded Scan the QR code printed in the book for Weblinks, YouTube videos and other resourceful web contents for further readin
  • Two Books Encourages aspirants to buy through sharing and study in groups for best results
  • Value for Money Equally good for various exams for job recruitment in Architecture & Planning
  • Look Inside You can see the preview this book before buying

As the GATE syllabus is extensive, preparation for various exams through this book with Essential Notes is a very strategic start.



Black & White print. Please note that this is not the exact Black & White print version of the color printed Question Bank that comes in 4 volumes. This is exclusively prepared for conciseness, yet with detailed explanation. A 30+ pages of color print of illustrations has been included for better understanding of the subject.


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