Multiply Android App


Challenge yourself by solving a given multiplication correctly three times in a row. The complexity increases as you progress further. Your solving speed is shown in timer. You may find it easy & tough at the same time that makes this app all fun. You are welcome!



Question Pattern for GATE in Architecture & Planning is changed over the year. About 40% question asked are numerical based questions. It is been observed that a good number questions are not tough and even then most of the aspirants are not able to solve it. It is not that aspirants are not able to solve it, rather than the pressure to solve in limited time and numerical solving aptitude.


Q: Why the app is not FREE?

A: It is now made Free! The app is the first release. Earlier it was a paid app. The money that could had been collected, could have been invested to improve the app.

Q: On screen calculator is provided in GATE Exam. So why should I play Multiply App?

A: The aim of the app is to improve your accuracy and speed so as to perform well in a very demanding situation. Aspirants may solve a numerical question at home, but may exhibit an error in exam for the same question. To test yourself the skill, you may give it a try.



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